Posted: 14/09/2022
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The MG HS Essence X promises a roomy cabin and boot, without compromising on comfort and the latest tech. So we asked a busy mum to put it to the ultimate test – a week of work and play with two kids in tow. Vanessa and her gorgeous tribe travelled from school to day trips, trying out the MG HS Essence X and its host of features.

“I found the boot so roomy! We were able to pack everything we needed to go on a picnic and fit in the kids scooters, bags and picnic food. The back seat area are also very generous in size as the kids were comfortably sitting at the back of the car as we drove for a couple of hours to get to our picnic destination.” With a centre armrest, door pockets for storing drink bottles and 60/40 split-fold seats to carry kids and stuff, there’s so much to love in the back of this mid-sized SUV.

Comfort: Adjustable Leather Sports Seats And Front Heated Seats
Once the family is on the road, comfort is a huge factor. With everything at hand, and clever comfort features it means an enjoyable day out for everyone.

“The adjustable seats were great as hubby and I took turns in driving. Of course, we each have different needs when driving so to be able to easily adjust the seats and feel comfortable while driving is paramount and a great addition to the car. The leather sports seats just feel and look great and is also easy to clean up if the kids accidentally spill water or juice in the back seat. No need to worry that a stain will be left on the car seat. It will easily wipe off.

“While we didn’t need to use the heated seats (since the weather is warmer now) I can totally see how amazing this feature would be during those cold mornings when you have to do the school drop offs. Being able to feel warm in the car as you drive off in the cold would be fantastic.”

Dual Zone Air-Conditioning And Rear-Vents
Vanessa also loved how easy it was to keep the temperature at the perfect level, even though she and her hubby don’t see eye to eye when it comes to the optimal car temperature!

“The Dual Zone Air-Conditioning and rear vents is definitely a must during the warmer months and the dual zone means that me and hubby don’t have to fight over the air con setting! We are each able to set our own temperature for our zones so I’m not freezing (as hubby loves it as cold as possible!) and my husband feels like he has cooled down with the right setting on his side. The rear vents were also especially important so the kids felt cool in the back and there was no whingeing about how hot it is!”

Technology: Apple CarPlay/Android Auto And Front/Rear USB Ports
With its expansive and comfortable interior, the MG HS Essence X had already won over Vanessa and her family. And then she delved into the tech specs, and the family day trip became a whole lot more fun.

“The Android Auto was definitely a winner for me. I was able to plug in my phone to the car and it automatically connected to my phone. I was able to navigate the car using my Google Maps and settings – so my home location and history of places that I go to easily came up on the navigation screen. I was also able to call people (voice activated) as well as answer phone calls without touching my phone. All available with a button on the steering wheel, ensuring safety and that you are not distracted by finding your phone to answer phone calls.

“Also, any messages I received while driving, I could get read out to me while driving. There are also certain apps on my phone that syncs into the car so I can click on my podcast app that I use and can continue listening to my current podcast without having to set anything up. It’s all ready to go.”

“The rear USB port was also super handy for the kids, because they were able to watch their tablet or play with their gaming devices without worrying about the battery running out. It was great that they could plug their devices in at the back and leave us Mums and Dads to drive in peace.”

Safety: MG Pilot Safety Suite
While we hope we never have to use them, the MG HS Essence X comes with a suite of safety features including Intelligent Speed Limit Assist, Traffic Jam Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, 360 Degree Camera, Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Emergency Braking, Lane Assist System, Door Opening Warning and Blind Spot Detection. With so many safety features available, it’s no wonder it carries a maximum 5-Star ANCAP Rating.

“There was two safety features I particularly loved and used (not on purpose!) but just happened to help me out while I was driving,” Vanessa explained. “The first was that the car would force you back on your lane if you accidentally crossed over the lane lines. This was handy to have because you might get distracted by the kids and accidentally veer off your lane, the moment that happened I felt the steering wheel straighten up and essentially move the car back into my lane. Absolutely loved that feature.

“Another fantastic feature is the alert you get if you get too close to a car or a person. I was driving and again distracted by the kids, and realised the car in front had slowed down. If I didn’t get the alert, I may have driven right up into the back of the car! I wasn’t going fast so I had plenty of time to slam on the brakes, but the alert gave me plenty of time to break slowly so I didn’t end up in an accident.”

An Affordable Luxury Family Ride
What surprised Vanessa the most about the MG HS Essence X is the affordability of the feature-packed SUV.

“The features that come with the car is fantastic for the price and I really do love the design of the car. It looks really nice and it’s really roomy for a family with kids.”

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